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There are some amazing websites out there that are invaluable for learning about whiskey, different brands, prohibition, and to connect with other collectors. Below are whiskey links & resources you are bound to enjoy. I owe a debt of gratitude to the operators of all these sites and will add more as I find them.


  • Pre-pro.com – The authority on all things pre-prohibition and whiskey. While you’re there, pick up a shot glass or two. Tell ’em WhiskeyBent.net sent ya.
  • Those Pre-Pro Whiskey Men! – Prepare for your history lesson because author Jack Sullivan goes way beyond the whiskey itself. Get ready to climb the whiskey-family trees of some of the most famous and infamous people involved in created many of the bands we know and love today.
  • Finest & Rarest – This site features some really great old full-size liquor bottles of all types. Dusty finds from cellars all around the world make it to their collection and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a bottle or two for sale.
  • LA Whiskey Society – These guys know their stuff. They are collectors of modern and old whiskies and their tasting database is massive. Membership to the club is invitation only but their site is open to the public. While LAW has a fine collection, their goal is to open and taste whiskey, even the prohibition stuff. *gasp*
  • Antique Bottle Collector Resource Guide – When you’re done with the links above go here to go down another rabbit hole of links that will help you in your research
  • Whiskey ID – If you’re looking to identify, research, and date modern whiskey bottles such as Pappy Van Winkle, A.H. Hirsch, Old Grand Dad, BTAC, and more this is a fantastic resource that won’t let you down
  • Whiskey Bon. – They should have named this site Whiskey BOMB because it is the bomb, baby! Don’t say that while standing in the security line at the airport. Featuring whisk(e)y reviews of well known and not so well known brands from all over the world
  • Justins’ House of Bourbon – if you find yourself in Lexington, KY, be sure to stop by the House of Bourbon so you can see (and potentially purchase) some vintage juice in the middle of the bourbon belt


  • ClubWhisky.com – Wide and deep, prepare to kill a few hours on your first visit. One of the best whisk(e)y forms out there run and moderated by JoJo Bergstrom. A particularly good and active resource for dating whiskey bottles.
  • Bourbon Enthusiast Forum – An incredibly deep forum with very knowledgable members discussing the merits and collectibility of bourbon whiskey of all time periods.
  • Straight Bourbon Forum – A great forum that covers the gamut of American whiskey. An especially great place to learn the history of American whiskey brands.


  • Whiskey Miniature Collection – Carlos Contell has a super miniature whiskey collection with some fantastic California whiskeys from the 1930’s. Check it out.
  • Whisky Paradise – At one time this collection held the distinction of being the largest full-size liqour bottle collection in the world with over 400,000 bottles in the cellars. An amazing database of everything from rum to, you guessed it, whisk(e)y.
  • It’s A Small World – An amazing collection of miniature whisk(e)y bottles from around the world. Brought to you by Kazuo Yoshida.
  • The Coopered Tot – An excellent blog by Josh Feldman dedicated to the history, collecting, and tasting of whiskies worldwide.
  • MiniVodkaGuy.com – So, what’s a website about vodka doing on this blog? Because John Sullivan has a a fantastic collection of miniature whiskies, that’s why. Check out his mini beers, too.
  • Just Mini Bourbons – Set aside an hour or so to go through this treasure trove of miniature whiskey bottles. Perhaps one of the largest mini whiskey collections out there. Quality and quantity, baby!

Do you know of any great American whiskey sites not listed here? If so, let me know.


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