Prohibition Era Medicinal Whiskey

Identify the Prohibition Whiskey Bottles

Identify the Prohibition Whiskey Bottles

During one of my typical Google outings I stumbled upon this photograph of a nice old collection of prohibition whiskey bottles. The owner of this collection is unknown as the photo was snapped and uploaded to Reddit by the owner’s grandson according to the original post. My goal is to identify every brand in the photo and I need your help. If you can correctly identify any of the prohibition whiskey bottles in the photo please post your guesses below. Hint: click on the photo to get a larger version of it. Another hint: the collection seems to be in alphabetical order, more or less.

Can You Identify the Prohibition Whiskey Bottles?


Left Side – Top Shelf

  1. Antique
  2. Atherton
  3. Belle of Anderson
  4. Belmont
  5. Black Gold
  6. Bluegrass

Left Side – Shelf #2

  1. Broad Ripple
  2. Antique (box – 1/2 pint)
  3. Chicken Cock
  4. — (1/2 pint)
  5. Sam Clay
  6. Country Gentleman

Left Side – Shelf #3

  1. J.W. Dant
  2. J.A. Dougherty’s & Sons
  3. Old McBrayer
  4. Echo Springs
  5. Four Roses

Left Side – Shelf #4

  1. Golden Wedding
  2. Greenbrier
  3. Green River (1/2 Pint)

Left Side – Shelf #5

  1. Hunter
  2. Kentucky Tavern (1/2 pint)
  3. Kentucky Tavern
  4. Mattingly & Moore

Left Side – Bottom Shelf

  1. Old Continental



Right Side – Top Shelf

  1. Old Fitzgerald
  2. Old Forester
  3. Old Grand Dad

Right Side – Shelf #2

  1. Old Jim Gore
  2. Old Jordan
  3. Kentucky Colonel
  4. Limestone
  5. Mellwood
  6. Old McBrayer

Right Side – Shelf #3

  1. Old Mock
  2. Old Prentice
  3. Old McBrayer
  4. Old Quaker
  5. Old Raven
  6. Old Ripy
  7. Old Rosebud

Right Side – Shelf #4

  1. Old Schenley
  2. Old Stagg
  3. Old Sunny Brook
  4. Old Taylor

Right Side – Shelf #5

  1. Sam Thompson
  2. Pebble Ford
  3. Shenandoah
  4. A.M.S Special Old Reserve

Right Side – Bottom Shelf

  1. Van Hook
  2. Waterfill & Frazier
  3. Daniel Webster
  4. Willow Springs


Prohibition Era Medicinal Whiskey Tastings Tales

LA Whiskey Society Medicinal Whiskey Tasting

LAW Medicinal Whiskey Tasting

Have you ever wondered what a bottle of medicinal whiskey distilled nearly 100 years ago tastes like? Yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking what most people think. Ewww! Hasn’t that stuff turned by now? Well, in most cases, the answer is no. If the seal is intact, no sediment at the bottom, and only a bit of evaporation, you may be in for a treat. Unlike wine, when whiskey is bottled after aging for let’s say, 8 years, it remains an 8 year old whiskey for life if it has been stored in a cool dark place.

You don’t have to drink medicinal whiskey because LAW has done it for you

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t dare drink one unless you had a spare or two lying around and that usually isn’t the case. You see, I’m a collector and once the bottles are opened, they have zero value to me. So, rather than open that delicious looking bottle of Old Farm you found behind the walls while renovating, drop me a line so I can talk you out of it.

Our friends at the LA Whiskey Society have done us a favor and tasted some of the oldest and most interesting prohibition era medicinal whiskies you can find. While a few were stinkers, several charmed the palates off of the LAW tasters, which worries me they will pursue drinking more of them. Since I’m not going to open bottles in my collection, I’m happy that the tasters at LAW have done this so we don’t have to. For an incredibly interesting read, see the main article. For tasting notes, see the links below. Dates are distillation and bottling, respectively.